Keep Your Family Afloat with Respect

The first aspect of respect is Manners.
Manners: One of the important social skills that help a person develop healthy relationships is basic social manners. In his excellent, entertaining book, Say Please, Say Thank You, Donald McCullough reminds us of the basic manners that are so vital to healthy human interactions. He says it well in a section on “Mind Your Manners”. “ My concern has to do with something more basic: the respect we owe each other. … Simply put, the neglect of courtesy leads to the collapse of community. … The heart of courtesy is respect for persons; it has less to do with manners than with a manner of relating, a manner that acknowledges the worth of human beings. At the heart of disrespect is disrespect for people; it has less to do with breaking rules of etiquette than with breaking the tie that binds us together.”
In the next entry we will list examples of manners.

About Walt Yocius (rhymes with ferocious)

I'm a father, husband and Christian passionate about supporting the development of powerful family connections and promoting a Biblical worldview. I have worked in the Social Services field for over 30 years and been an educator for 6 years. I am a Certified Family Life Educator with the National Council on Family Relations and a Certified Parent Coach.
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