Examples of Manners

Examples of Manners

*Learn to listen well, not just talk.

*Learn to obey the rules of the road.

*Notice those that serve, leave a tip.

*Go home before you wear out your welcome.

*Keep confidences- earn the trust of others.

*Remember not everyone shares your interests.

*Wait for all others to be served before beginning to eat.

*Say please.

*Strengthen community- make friendly gestures to others.

*Say thank you.

*Remember important times in others lives- send cards.

*Watch what you say- understand the power of words.

*Dress appropriately for occasions.

*Honor those that nurture and lead- respect your elders.

*Develop a generous spirit. Give gifts to show how you care.

*Refrain from the use of hand gestures to express your anger.

*Honor cultural differences.

*Be on time.

*Clean up after yourself- leave places better than when you arrived.

*Keep your hands to yourself.

*Resist humor that demeans- Don’t tell jokes at the expense of others.

*Keep your feet off the furniture.

*Avoid intrusion into important family times like meal times and bedtime.

*Patiently wait your turn.

*Accept responsibility for your mistakes; apologize when you’ve blown it.

*Be considerate of others plans.

*Protect others from private body functions. (farts, blown noses, burps, etc.)

*Pay the debts you owe.

*Guard the dignity of others when they do something embarrassing- pretend you don’t notice.

*Tell white lies (occasionally) to protect others from hurt.

*Brutal honesty is not always good.

*Remember to send thank you note in writing to show your appreciation for gifts and kindnesses.

*Be appropriately respectful and sensitive to the atmosphere of various events. (church, weddings, performances, funerals, etc.)

*Meet others at their own level- kneel to talk with children; help the disabled; reach out to the hurting.

*Speak the truth in love- tell someone they have whip cream on their face or food between their teeth.

Remember moderation is a good thing- excess in drinking, eating, exercise and many things can do damage.

A good way to remind family members about manners is to say, “In our family we treat people the way we want to be treated.” and then remind them of the manner that needs improvement.            


About Walt Yocius (rhymes with ferocious)

I'm a father, husband and Christian passionate about supporting the development of powerful family connections and promoting a Biblical worldview. I have worked in the Social Services field for over 30 years and been an educator for 6 years. I am a Certified Family Life Educator with the National Council on Family Relations and a Certified Parent Coach.
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