Strong Families

Strong Families
The family is one of the smallest unit of a community. The strength & unity of families will have a great impact on the strength & unity of their communities. What does it take to be a strong family? My clinical work with troubled families led me to develop attributes of a strong family, a raft to keep them afloat when the family seemed to be sinking. It was developed when I noticed that certain subjects kept coming up, week after week in my discussions with the families. I call this tool the R.A.F.T. Each letter stands for two of the attributes of a strong family. You could say they are rafts of protection to help keep your family afloat.
A funny aside was one of the possible combination of the letters – F. A. R. T. Butt (ha, ha) I chose R. A. F. T. for obvious reasons.
I will name each attribute here and then develop each one with other entries in this blog.
R– Respect
R– Responsibility
A– Appreciation
A– Affection
F– Faith
F– Fun
T– Time
T– Trust

About Walt Yocius (rhymes with ferocious)

I'm a father, husband and Christian passionate about supporting the development of powerful family connections and promoting a Biblical worldview. I have worked in the Social Services field for over 30 years and been an educator for 6 years. I am a Certified Family Life Educator with the National Council on Family Relations and a Certified Parent Coach.
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